2016-10-18 12:54:37

We’re just back from Spiel Essen in Germany where the FFX starter proved a hit thanks to its numerous character affinities, let’s take a look at two exclusive Forwards of this set!

1-216S - Wakka

We actually start with the last card of Opus I, Besaid Aurochs’ Captain Wakka. With a moderate cost of 4 CP for 8,000 power and the possibility to buff up one of your Forwards every time he attacks, Wakka will surely hit the mark! Save your other Wakka cards and make good use of his Status Reel special ability to bring opposing Forwards to their knees!

1-201S – Rikku

Our second Forward is the bubbly Rikku, once reunited with Yuna and Paine her power increases by 4,000 and she becomes immune to Summons and abilities. Teamwork is key in this deck!

Stay tuned this week as we'll take a look at our third and last Starter Set based on FFXIII!