2017-02-24 00:15:59

This second preview of the Opus 2 series will introduce some of the cards featuring characters from FINAL FANTASY XII, a hot topic with FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE being released on 13/07/2017!

■The stars of the story

Let’s start by introducing some of the most popular characters:

First up is 2-051L, Vaan. He has a cost of 4 for 8000 power and comes with pretty nifty auto and special abilities, making him a new strong candidate for all sorts of decks. His auto ability allows you to activate a Forward by returning a Backup to its owner's hand.

This can be used in a straightforward manner, simply to activate a Forward, but the possibility to return a Backup to your hand also offers a big advantage in itself. You can use this to free up some space on your field and play a new Backup, or return a Backup with an auto ability that triggers when entering the field in order to use it again next time you play this Backup. Van is a multifaceted card that should not be underestimated.

Next up we have 2-067R, Vaan’s childhood friend Penelo:

This card offers powerful support for specifically themed decks. In short, Sky Pirate decks! If you want to create a Sky Pirate deck then Penelo is a must-have choice. The “Pirate” & “Sky Pirate” jobs also appear in Opus I with cards like 1-154R Vaan, but you may well be able to make whole pirate decks in the future. When this becomes possible you will certainly need to call upon Penelo’s power again!

One more new FFXII card is 2-068R Fran, the Viera Sky Pirate:

She is Balthier’s partner and that is well-reflected in her card’s abilities. If Balthier is also in your deck with Fran then she will strongly back him up. She is a highly competent Backup.

■A memorable supporting cast

FFXII has a whole supporting cast of great sub characters in addition to the player party, and that stays true even in the FFTCG. Let’s take this great opportunity to introduce a few of these supporting roles. 

The first card is 2-021C, Montblanc:

As the damage caused by this card increases based on the number of Moogles in the deck, it’s an ability with great potential. The key resides in how many Job Moogle you can get together, and as the series progresses there will be more and more of these introduced, giving high expectations for using Montblanc in the future.

Next we have 2-097H Al-Cid:

In the original game he was quite the untrustworthy villain, but in the card game he offers a plethora of advantages. He can inflict 6000 damage on active enemy Forwards when deployed in the field, and he can even allow you to play a single Forward of 3 or less cost from your hand for free. However, all of these effects will be rendered invalid should your opponent respond and dull the Forward you originally selected.

In addition to these cards, you can also look forward to seeing the Judge Masters, the Consuls of the Arcadian Empire and even the son of the Emperor himself!