2017-02-10 18:34:54

First preview of Opus 2 – FINAL FANTASY XIV

There is just over a month left before the release of Opus 2, so we would like to run a series of previews, introducing some of the cards you can expect to see in this expansion, starting with a selection featuring characters from FINAL FANTASY XIV. FFXIV has already appeared in the previous Chapter series, but there are absolutely no duplicate illustrations among the new cards introduced in Opus 2, with each card featuring a completely new character image, seen for the first time.

The world of FFXIV contains the three great city states of Limsa Lominsa, Gridania and Ul’dha that are intimately familiar to players of the game. Now the key figures from each nation appear as new game cards, so let’s take a look at one card from each nation:

First up is 2-137H, Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn, hailing from Limsa Lominsa. In the FF-TCG her abilities are aligned with the element of water and she also allows the player to draw further cards. This is a potent ability that allows you to increase the size of your hand with no interference when triggered as an EX burst.

The next character to be made into a card is 2-055H, Gridania’s Kan-E Senna, one of the three Seedseers and the leader of Gridania as a whole. This card has a high cost for a Backup, but the ability it offers is well worth paying a premium for. Being able to break a Forward with a cost of 5 or more gives you the potential to avoid some tough tactical situations and little more needs to be said about how punishing this card can be when triggered as an EX burst.

Finally, from Ul’dha we have 2-093H, General Raubahn Aldynn, aka the “Bull of Ala Mhigo”. This card can call upon enough force to control enemy Forwards with high power and is also perfect against the many high power earth element cards. It also has an EX burst, making for an easy choice to include in any deck.

It is not just the named characters though, there are also a number of regular soldier cards that are worthy of attention. Let’s take a look at some of those here.

First we have 2-032C, the Bard. This is a flashy card with a low cost of 2 that can seriously impair your opponent's resources. As the game lets you use cards in your hand to generate CP, you will not be able to seal off your opponent’s game completely, but the Bard is guaranteed to make it harder for them to react to your moves.

One final card we would like to introduce here is 2-108C, the Black Mage. What is great about this card is not the damage caused but the fact that it actually reduces power. Being effective against effects like that of 1-171H Minwu is something you will be grateful for when making offensive decks.

We will be running further previews up until the release of Opus 2 on the 24th of March, so watch out for future updates!