2017-03-29 11:36:35

Hello there everyone, my name is Tarou Kageyama from Hobby Japan Co.,Ltd, and I developed the FF-TCG. I kind of introduce myself to people as the producer of the FF-TCG. This blog is really supposed to be talking about the game from a producer’s perspective, but I have a feeling that I will go off track fairly regularly and talk about completely unrelated topics, so please bear with me on that!

#1 London Visit

・A 12.5 hour journey through the sky

Ok then, for this historic first post I would like to make it a kind of travel diary for my recent business trip to London in the United Kingdom. I have a feeling that I am already veering off course a bit, but the trip itself was undeniably about the FF-TCG so please don’t worry just yet!

This was a mammoth journey, taking around 12.5 hours on the plane to get from Japan to London. You can watch films and are free to go to sleep whenever you like on the plane, but when you have over half a day to fill it feels like an eternity. I always take along a plethora of timewasting devices, such as an e-reader and a PS Vita, but ultimately it is still a very long time, even with those. This time round I got through it by watching two blockbuster films; Doctor Strange and Fantastic Beasts, as well as making maximum use of the aforementioned timewasting kit that I brought along!


The day after I arrived in the U.K. I headed straight to the pre-briefing session for the main meeting and then the all-important meeting itself started on the day after that. The objective of this meeting was to talk to people involved with the FF-TCG from many different nations and discuss the running of tournaments and holding a world championship, as well as talking about the judging system. These are all important issues but everything proceeded swimmingly and the meeting was very valuable in the end. I am sure I will be talking about the details of these subjects in my column once everything comes together fully, but suffice to say that for now, a number of things that were unclear and abstract have taken shape to make concrete progress.

To quickly run down some of the things that I can talk about now:

1: National and world championships

As we have such a great opportunity here, already having the game played in so many different countries, there was really no way we were not going to do a world championship! So we will be holding the first ever world championship event around the end of this year. Alongside this we will also be holding qualifier tournaments in different countries, so why not consider taking part?!

2:Judging system

In order to hold a large number of tournaments across the world, we will need an equally large number of staff who are knowledgeable about the game rules. Accordingly, we will not be leaving it up in the air as we have done before and instead plan to implement a programme to recognize people who know the rules well. I imagine that this will take the form of a test and an interview, but we are also considering having something that people can take easily online as well.

So we are currently strengthening the infrastructure and preparations for organized competitive play, which will mean that tournaments are even more enjoyable in the future.

・And finally, returning home to Japan

Once the meeting was over, all that remained was heading back home. Having said that though, I also managed to get in some solid tourism time on the last day, going to the Natural History Museum and Harrods etc., before heading over to Heathrow airport in the evening.

Then it was another half a day living on a plane and back to Japan. Because I was so tired from the trip, I slept heavily and the return journey didn’t feel quite as long. However, my seat was on the window side so I was not able to stand up much and was very stiff indeed by the time I made it back to Japan.

So I would like to draw my first column to a close with the important lesson that aisle seats on flights come highly recommended!