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2017-07-09 16:34:00

The blog this time is not going to be like the previous event reports, or contain information on new cards (and it is definitely not a travel journal), but a chance for us to talk about the rules. And it won’t be about the basic game rules either, but about replacement effects that you really don’t get a good understanding of until you have played for a bit, and within that, we will look specifically at the effect of replacing the damage the Forwards receive and inflict. What do you think? Confused already?

・What Is Damage Replacement?

So, what is the damage replacing effect? To put it simply, when a Forward takes damage, instead of the original damage value, the actual damage inflicted gets increased or decreased. … I guess that is still hard to understand eh? I will use a particular card to explain this. For example, we have【2-018C】Summoner. This card increases the damage received by any Forward by 1000 instead.

Another one is 【2-145L】Warrior of Light. When there is a card with the Job “Warrior of Light” you control on the field, that card receives 2000 fewer damage. These are examples of what we call the “damage replacement” effect.

・What about the “Make it 0”, “Doubles” and “Won’t receive damage” effects?

So how do cards like 【1-160H】Gordon, who changes the damages inflicted upon him to 0, or 【1-005R】Warrior of Light who doubles the damage he inflicts work then? These are also damage replacement effects. “Make it 0” means that the damage will become 0, and “Doubles” means it doubles the inflicted damage, so both of these are also damage replacement effects.

However, there is one thing you have to be careful about! Effects such as that used by【1-171H】Minwu, which states “Does not receive damage” is not a damage replacement effect. Be careful, as this effect only changes the basic rule of a card receiving damage, not the received damage itself (it does not modify the actual damage value up or down).

・When multiple damage Replacement effects apply

So, now that we have an understanding of the basics, I will explain the most difficult part of using damage replacement effects, namely what will happen when multiple such effects take place at once. For example, if 【1-005R】Warrior of Light (which has an “inflict double the damage” effect) attacks, and is blocked by 【2-145L】Warrior of Light, who can decrease the inflicted damage points by 2000, how many damage points will 【2-145L】Warrior of Light receive?


The fundamental rule governing multiple replacement effects is that when two or more of the same kind of effects are applied, the player that is affected by the effect can choose which one will take place first. Even effects that alter damage dealt are not exempted from this. So in this case, the player that is receiving the damage (in other words, the player that will be affected by the effect) can choose which effect to apply first. Here, the player that is trying to block with 【2-145L】Warrior of Light has the first say in which effect applies first, so they can choose to use the decrease damage effect first and then apply the opponent’s inflict double damage, or they can do it the other way around. If they pick the former, it will be calculated as a base 5000 damage, minus 2000 damage, making 3000. Then, with the double damage effect applied, this value will go up to 6000 damage. However, if the blocking player choses to do it the other way around, the double damage effect is applied first, making the damage value 10,000, followed by the damage decrease effect taking that down to 8000 damage. The player that will be receiving the damage is choosing here, so normally the former order choice will be chosen.

Now, what would happen if 【1-171H】Minwu (mentioned above as one to be careful with, as it is not technically a damage replacement effect) was on the blocking side in the above scenario? Firstly, all damage replacement effects will be worked out as shown in the above example. Then, once the actual damage that will be inflicted has been calculated, 【1-171H】Minwu’s ability kicks in and you check if damage can be inflicted or not. So, following the example above where the blocking player resolves the attack as causing 6000 damage,【1-005R】Warrior of Light will be made unable to inflict damage at all here, due to Minwu’s ability.

I would like to make a little request. If I answered this differently from how I have before, now that the rules have been established, my previous answer will now be incorrect. From now on, it will be like this, so I hope everyone will remember. Thank you!